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About Us

personal   IS THE FUTURE

It all started with a belief about relationships. Historically, women had a bond with their seamstresses. Together dressmakers and their clientele created clothing that infused fashions of the day with personal tastes. Every garment was made with care and worn for years. In today's world of fast fashion, clothing is in the donation pile as soon as it is off the rack. We think it should be different. And by fusing technology with haute design, we believe women can have a real connection with their clothing again.

About Bow & Drape
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a tailored   AESTHETIC

At Bow & Drape, we have built an experience all around inspiration and design. Our style is inspired by timeless icons, women like Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Simone Signoret, as well as modern mavens like Florence Welch and Victoria Beckham. Each detail of a Bow & Drape garment is made with intention and hand selected from the finest materials. Classic elegance is easy to fall in love with, and once our clients select a few favorites, we provide online personalization tools to modify each garment to suite their personality.

discover & express   YOUR GREAT TASTE

#1 Select your style.

Get inspired by browsing our shop pages and discover a silhouette suited to you.

#2 Perfect to your tastes.

Further refine each Bow & Drape garment by personalizing its color, fit and embellishments. Select modifications that work for you and your lifestyle. Voile.

#3 Own it, love it, share it.

In just 14 days, your garment will be made-to-order in NYC and shipped to your doorstep. When it arrives we urge each customer to share their creation with us by tagging #bowanddrape. See for yourself.

Design your own dress
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